The Foundation for Agronomic Research (FAR) is a non-profit (501(c)(3) research and education foundation, created in 1980 by the Board of Directors of the Potash & Phosphate Institute (PPI), now the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), to expand its research efforts beyond that possible with PPI’s resources and mandate. The mission of FAR is to improve the economic vigor and sustainability of agriculture in North America and around the world, while protecting and enhancing the environment.

FAR facilitates research and education programs in cooperation with IPNI. FAR’s effectiveness is enhanced by the IPNI agronomic staff. They are capable, respected scientists who work closely with a variety of stakeholders, monitor research projects, and assist in the interpretation and extension of results.

FAR works to integrate a broad spectrum of interests and to assemble multi-regional projects with multi-disciplinary research teams.

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Contact: Dr. Terry L. Roberts, +1 770-447-0335